About us

We are witnessing the next generation in scuba watches. The groundbreaking moment when VITTORIUM Switzerland launched the AT series. Precision engineered to withstand pressures with real calibration from Swiss laboratories and testing in the field. Deep sea water operation at extreme temperatures and darkness, become friendly to the unsurpassed quality of our Swiss Made AT watches, as a time piece, full of personality and innovation.

The VITTORIUM DEEP DIVER watches with refined symmetry, purity of design and minimalistically sculptured from stainless steel blocks, set all the necessary elements to excel in time keeping. Sports looks, luxury and precision are hard to mix, but you see these three elements fused in every VITTORIUM Watch. Aggressive looks only found in a weapon with a calibrated precision and not shy to penetrate the deepest waters, give VITTORIUM DEEPDIVER a very exclusive advantage to distinguish itself from the rest of the market.

Defining the center of gravity in a VITTORIUM DEEPDIVER or AT watch requires more than deep knowledge of physics and mechanodynamics. The testosterone loaded block case, is carved, machined and stamped from the specially selected 316L stainless steel blocks from the most prestigious suppliers of specialty treated metals for the watch industry.

When you analyze each of the components that make up a VITTORIUM Watch, you find state of the art technology and skillfully mastered finishing in all its elements. The hypoallergenic genuine Swiss Made rubber straps are molded in a single piece with raised inscription and logo identifying original works. What you can't see at a simple glance is that we invest more than 20 times our competitors, to give you a long lasting, comfortable hug in your wrist to keep a perfect grip.  We exceed the industry standards using Super-LumiNova® coatings on all our VITTORIUM dials to maximize the night vision capacity with more than a hundred fold the equivalent to natural light. Our screw-back is easily comparable to a mini submarine hatch. It's solid, unbendable, tooled with VITTORIUM emblem and the serial number that identifies each timeware, etched clearly to guarantee the uniqueness of your timepiece and the certification of our numbered Limited Edition.  The sound and feel of the turning bezel, the gearing and its hermeticity give you the assurance of reliability you will find under any critical condition.

Such a simple item as the strap buckle is a piece of art. It is molded from a single piece and finished to perfection with a gage that will resist the most abusive treatment and the harshest environment. Altogether we put in all VITTORIUM watches, the features that could be found among some very exclusive brands, priced normally more than 10 times higher.

We at VITTORIUM, work in a team with the spirit to supply you the best available technology, the most advanced workmanship and all the horological advances from the best sources in the Swiss universe of watchmaking tradition. Our compromise is to achieve this goal and excel in what you expect.